How To Stream Android Games To YouTube & Earn Money

Stream Your Game And Earn

Insight: Stream Android Games To YouTube And Earn Money

There are multiple platform where you can easily stream your game and earn good sum of money at the same time. Youtube which is a popular video sharing website, itself is an amazing platform where you can earn while playing and streaming your favorite game.

How to Stream Android Games To YouTube & Make Money

This post is for you if your Youtube channel is eligible for monetization. Playing your popular games like PUBG, FORTNITE, CS etc and earning at the same-time is like getting a jackpot.

There are various application available in the Internet which helps you to broadcast your game. In this post, we will talk about the YouTube gaming app which is available for android devices.

This is a free app where you can live stream any Android game or app on your YouTube channel.

Download the app and install it in your device. You need to log in to this application with your gmail email address. Then you need to select the broadcast icon at the top which will lead you to the next screen where you need  to select the video quality and you also need to chose between live streaming or recording the video.

How To Stream Android Games To YouTube & Earn Money

After choosing your desired option click next which will lead you to the next screen where you will be greeted with few tips.

Again click next and you will the screen where you need to select the apps or games which you want to live stream.

You need to give a name of the video and add a description. After this, you are set to go live while playing the games or using an application.

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