Insight: Signs Of Serious Facebook Addiction

There is no doubt over the popularity of Facebook and it’s impacting these days. Due to its popularity, it is also getting serious issues with the people as they are addicted to Facebook and it’s associated networks.

If you have started to vent your anger and sensitive comments on Facebook and similar activities than it’s time to check your relationship with the social network.

Signs Of Serious Facebook Addiction

Friend List Obsession

You already have more friends on Facebook than in your real life but still, you want more in number. You want to have 5000 friends on Facebook and want to feel supreme.

Likes & Comments

You want more likes and comments on your photo and status on Facebook. Do you delete updates which don’t get likes and comments? If yes then you are seriously addicted.

Reporting everything

That state of mind when you want to report everything. That moment when you are obsessed about reporting everything on Facebook.

Spending Excessive Time on Facebook

Spending excessive time on productive activity is always good but spending excessive time on Facebook is a clear sign of addiction. Spending more than an hour or two on Facebook per day is a serious issue and you should stop doing it right now.

That Moment When You Started Creating Facebook Account For Your Pet & For Your 1-Year-Old Cousin

You have a new pet in your home and the first thing that you do is creating a Facebook account of your pet. You have a new member in your family and instantly you thought of creating a Facebook account or page of them and started sharing the pictures of them

Washroom Updates

You can’t live without your phone and take it to your washroom so that you can update your status or watch videos on Facebook or laugh out loud on some memes and trolls.  You’re addicted, and you should do something to get rid of this addiction.

Do something right now and  get rid of Facebook addiction.


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