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Write Quality Content To Get Adsense Account Approved

Write Quality Content To Get Adsense Account Approved

Insight: Write Quality Content To Get Adsense Account Approved

Google is the king of the search engine and for all the blogger like us, Google is a god as we all are dependent with Google. Today, We are going to talk about the Google Adsense, and it’s approval tricks for the bloggers. The tricks doesn’t mean that we are going skip out the basic things to get approved.

We will basically talk about the quality of content and the basic norms so that your  Adsense account  can be approved. by Google.

Write Quality Content To Get Adsense Account Approved

1. Length Of The Content

Let’s start with the length of the content that you are going to write in your blog post. You must be cautious with the number of words as you should never write any article or blog post with less than 300 words.  If you can write article with 1000 words then it’s gonna be a very good friend with Google search engine/ Google Adsense as google prefer article with more words.

” Be a good blogger and write article with more than 300 words”

2. 100% Original Content

You should never copy and paste the content. Try to your best to write 100% original content for your blog as Google always gives priority to the blog with original content and there is always a high chance of your Google Adsense getting approved.

3. User Friendly Blog

You blog or website must be user friendly. Don’t make it look like a bulky piece of shit with random images and color combination. Try to be simple, clean and minimal.  The content in your blog must be easy to read.

4. Grammar/ Spelling

Try to do your best to avoid any grammar or spelling mistakes in your blog post.  Check it more than once before publishing it.  Adapt a habit of proofreading of your blog post before publishing it.

5. Use No Copyright Images

Always use free stock images or let’s say no to copyright images. We have curated a list of website to download free stock images for your blogs.

6. Minimum 25 posts

Before applying for the Google Adsense, You have to make sure that there is at least 25 quality blog post in your blog.

7. Use bullets & headings

Use bullets and headings properly in your blog post.

8.  No Adult Content

Big “No” to the adult content in your blog. Your application will be rejected if there is any adult content in your blog or website.

9. No Illegal Content

Along with  Adult content, you have to make sure that your blog or website is out of hacking or cracking content, drug related content and also there shouldn’t be any illegal information being shared from your blog or website.  Avoid any illegal content if you want  to get  Adsense account approved

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