Legit Way To Get More Subscribers On YouTube in 2019

Insight: Legit Way To Get More Subscribers On YouTube in 2019

To be honest, we don’t have any Youtube channel of ours but as we thought to start writing on YouTube optimization then we decided to start a Youtube channel. We don’t have any subscriber till now we are fine as we are going to follow these effective ways to get more subscribers on YouTube.

Legit Way To Get More Subscribers On YouTube in 2019

YouTube is one of the easiest way to earn these days but easiest mean that you can do it overnight. You need to have a patient and dedications and of course quality contents too. In this post, we will go through the various tricks to increase or get more subscribe on YouTube channel.

Channel URL with SML magic string

In this method, you need to append your channel with “?sub_confirmation=1”.



After clicking on that link, user will be greeted with subscription confirmation to the channel

Increase youtube subcriber

 Add Watermark to your video

Another trick is to add watermark to videos automatically which increases the ratio of user subscription to the channel. You can do it from the YouTube branding page.


Configure YouTube account defaults

You can add default settings to all of your videos which has been already uploaded and also for the future uploads so that use can feel the uniformity and also the standard of the channel.


Except all the trips mentioned above, you need to be clear about the quality of the videos, demand of the stories which you are going to share through your channel, scripting of the audios, proper use of musics, copyright free background music and of course you should avoid using clickbait titles.

You should upload regularly and most important thing is that you should  produce highly engaging content.

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