How to Fix the Blank Or White Screen WordPress Error

White Screen Wordpress Error

According to the wordpress.org, Wsod or white screen wordpress error or blank screen of death in wordpress is due to the PHP errors and database errors. This error is mostly irritating because of the blank screen with no information.

How to Fix the Blank Or White Screen WordPress Error

There are several reason for this error:

  1. A low memory limit set.
  2. A Plugin is causing compatibility issues.
  3. Faulty Theme.

Before jumping directly into the solution, let’s check out the exact error that your website is throwing. We can see the error message by putting few line of codes in our wp-config.php file.

1 error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set('display_errors', 1);
2 define( 'WP_DEBUG', true);

Now we can see the error in our website and we can initiate the respective measure to prevent the Wsod.

Fixes For The White Screen Of The Death:

1)Increasing the Memory Limit:

Sometime this issue appears because of the memory usage. Increasing the memory limit can solve this problem.

2) Disabling Plugins:

If increasing the memory limit didn’t solved this issues, try by disabling the plugins.

3)Replace Theme with a Default Theme

Sometime we can solve this problem by reverting back to the default theme. Faulty theme can lead your website to White screen of death.

4)Install Fresh Copy Of WordPress:

If you failed on trying everything, you should replace your wordpres with fresh copy of wordpress.

Note: I hope problem has been solved with this step. Please don’t forget to share and comment

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