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Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugins In 2019

Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugins In 2019

Insight: Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugins In 2019

Social Media is one of the prime source for the user engagement in blogs or websites. We can’t ignore the impact of Social Media in our blogs. In this post, we are listing some of the useful and best WordPress Social Media sharing plugins in 2019.

Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugins In 2019

1) Shared Counts:

Shared Counts is one of the fast and easy to use social media plugin for WordPress. It comes with a limited number of the most popular social media networks. Plugins with wide range of functions leads to slowdown your website, as it needs to load an additional style sheet and scripts. So, Shared count is developed in order to avoid such clutters.

Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugins In 2019

There are multiple button styles to choose from, and you can also position buttons Manually as you desire. Not only that, the plugin tries to get social share count for each network for your particular blogs etc. You can also choose to just show the total number of shares on all networks its up to you. And the best part is that, it is available for free.

2) Social Warfare:

Social warfare is one of the best social media plugin, it is available in both free and a pro version for users. The free version is stuffed with some light weighted social media buttons which looks good and some additional features like share counts where you cannot access data and positioning options like any other social media plugins.

But, in pro version you are offered with features like analysis of data over the use of social media buttons, Data of total share counts and customization of social media post using open Graph protocol and many more. The features of pro version of this plugin is what makes it stand out among any other social media plugins.

3. Sassy Social Share:

Sassy Social Share is another easy to use social media plugin for WordPress with lots of options available for users free of cost. It has compatibility to support for many different social media websites, not only that you can also add buttons in post content as well as a sticky floating social menu for better readers view.

It also provides social share count feature as well, however like many other social media plugins, you will need to use a third party service to retrieve those stats. As for icon styles, the plugin comes with three basic styles: rounded, square, or rectangle buttons. For positioning you have options in the plugin settings for both standard and floating social bars. The responsiveness, Optimal loading time and free of cost are some of the key features that makes this theme stand out.

4) Jetpack:

If you are looking for a simple social media sharing solution that wont hurt your pocket, than Jetpack is the solution for you..

This social media sharing module allows you to display simple sharing buttons for most popular social media networks. You can also choose to display icons with text, icons only, text only, or display the official sharing buttons as your wish. Jetpack has few customization options, however it integrates under your content seamlessly and looks great under articles. If you display sharing links via text only, Jetpack adds no additional load to your page, which leads to clutter free experience to your readers.

5) Monarch:

Monarch is one of he most popular paid social media sharing plugin with tons of features and customization options. It is a user-friendly social media plugin that allows you to display gorgeous social media sharing buttons. Here, you can customize the view positioning and everything related to social media link. You can make Sharing buttons displayed above and below content, as a floating

sidebar, as an automatic pop-up, embedded into images and videos, and in a fly-in box that slides onto the page, its up to your choice.

6. Easy social share button:

Easy social share button is one of the best premium social media sharing plugin which is also a best selling social media plugin on Code Canyon.

It provides many social media links with flexibility to move links in many of the positions, such as pop-ups, fly-ins, and floating bars, also can be triggered by events such as time spent on page, purchasing an item, or percent of the page that has been scrolled. The versatility of Easy Social Share Buttons, and the number of beautiful buttons that are available to users, makes it an easy solution to recommend. Additionally, Easy social share is even moving into areas beyond social share buttons like email options and live chat functionality.

7) Kiwi Social Share:

Kiwi is one of the social sharing plugin that is available free of cost and as well as pro version, that allows you to add social media plugin and position it as per your need unlike any other social media links.

Here, it delivers most of its features in the free version of the plugin, however the pro version allow you to enable sharing features for different post types on your social media. It also adds support for Reddit , Email, Telegram, Whats App, Skype and Mix. Perhaps, it adds more button colors and customization options for buttons, which is quite limited in the free version of this plugin.

8) Social Pug:

Social pug is another social media plugin the is available in two version free and pro versions. It is a great looking social media plugin that lets you display round, rectangular, or circle buttons as your choice.

The free version of this plugin supports limited social media networks, where you can position buttons either above and below your content area or as a floating sidebar on the left or right-hand side of your page. Upgrading to pro version extends sharing networks and options such as email and print. It also lets you customize what is shared by readers. The pro version also adds an option to display sharing buttons via a pop-up, which can be triggered by a number of different events.


This much for now in our Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugins In 2019 post.

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