Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

Insight: List of best WordPress form builder plugins

Let’s check out some of the useful and best WordPress form builder plugins that might be of great help for your WordPress based blogs or websites.

Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

1. Ultimate Form Builder Lite

Ultimate Form Builder is one of the best free WordPress form builder plugin for creating unlimited responsive forms as per your requirements.

There are beautifully designed form templates to choose from in this form plugin. It is an easy-to-use form plugin with which you can create simple to complex forms without using a single code. Everything is arranged in such a manner to make it easy to design. Ultimate Form Builder supports both single step and multi-step forms as per your need. Different types of forms like contact forms, subscription forms, inquiry forms and many more can be easily created using this plugin. It also supports conditional logic which includes display show hide logic, email logic and redirect logic which makes it even better.
The responsiveness of form, user friendly interface, form field availability are some key features of this form plugin.

2.WPForms Lite

If you are looking for the form plugin that is easy to use and completes all your form requirements than WPForm is for you. WPForms Lite is the most user friendly form plugin which comes with a drag & drop interface. so you can easily create forms for your website.

In addition, it has some pre-built form templates to choose among.And with the complete availability of form fields, you can customize your form as per your requirements. Not only that,it counts on one of the fastest free form plugins around.Its responsiveness, compatibility on any screen sizes, and its optimization for SEO are some key features of this form plugin.


Jetpack is popular plugin developed by WordPress. Jetpack is one of those free WordPress plugins that helps you design your site by giving access to tons of WordPress themes, an unlimited image and video CDN, and even lazy loading functionality so that your site renders fast on any devices. In additional, it even helps your marketing efforts with features like automated social media posting, site stat and analytics reporting for survey forms, and even PayPal field for collecting funds.

Not only that, it also offers security features related to brute force attacks, spam, and downtime monitoring, all helping you protect your website’s data and reputation. so, if you are looking for form plugins that can do all-round task on its own than Jetpack must be your first choice, because of its outstanding external features that makes it better among other form plugins.

4.Everest forms Lite

Everest Forms Lite plugin provides you an easy way to create any kind of forms in an intuitive Drag and Drop fashion which makes ordering and creating forms so easy that even a beginner to WordPress can create beautiful forms within minutes. This form plugin is lightweight which makes it fast to load and
responsive as well. Everest Forms Lite seems to be designed keeping the usability and simplicity in mind. Here, creating Multiple column forms can be done with a click. Not only that, Pre-built templates and design layouts allows you to create forms that look different yet beautiful and attractive. It doesn’t ends there, here you get google Re-captcha support for your sites security and also the users can edit the fields in case of wrong information is added.
The responsiveness, simplicity, security and tons of pre-built templates are some of the key features of this form plugin.

5.Formidable Forms Lite

Formidable forms is the one of the best forms plugin that allows you to create any kind of forms in just a minute of time. In this plugin you are allowed to create a form with tons of form styles which you can choose, with complete entry management system, in drag and drop fashion.

Not only that, it provides a features like automated social media posting, site stat and analytics reporting for survey forms, and even PayPal field for collecting funds. It also supports conditional logic for your forms, provides conformation fields for users after filling forms and also RECAPTCHA support for the security of your site from spams. The responsiveness, compatibility, availability of complete form fields, assurance of security, drag and drop fashion are some of the highlighting features of this form building plugin.

6. Ninja forms

Ninja Forms is a free WordPress plugin for creating any kind of forms as your desire. Here also, you are welcomed with drag and drop fashion which makes creating a form as easy a piece of cake.
However for advanced features you must buy the Add-ons as some of them are available for free too. The features include add-ons like Conditional Logic support, Multiple forms, Front-End Posting,
and many more.

It provides very easy interface for creating multiple contact forms on your WordPress site. It also provides you features like mailchimp. so, if you looking for a form building
plugins that can make form building task easy and provides some of the limited number of add-ons for free than Ninja form is for you.

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