SEO Tools 2018 : List Of Important Keyword Research Tools

list of seo tools 2018
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Insight : List Of SEO Tools 2018

SEO is one of the most used terms in the internet. In simple term, SEO is a process of getting your website listed properly in the search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. Good SEO means high number of traffics and eventually bigger chances of earning money.

Keyword researh tools

Well, In this SEO post we are going to list some of the most important seo tools that you might need to rank your website in 2018. In short, List of seo tools in 2018.

SEO Tools 2018 : List Of Important Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools

1) Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Obviously, Google adwords keyword planner can be the best tool to research the right keywords for your websites. It is one of the most productive tools for those people who are starting to optimize their websites for the google. As this is integrated to google itself, there is nothing better option than Google adwords keyword planner.

2)AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

Adword  & SEO keyword Permutation Generator is another free but useful keyword research tools in 2018. It helps you to generate pontential keywords by mashing up the multiple words.

3) KwFinder

KwFinder is a freemium keyword research tools which mostly helps you to generate long tail keywords. It is one of those tools which is only providing keywords researching facility.

4) Answer The Public

Mostly, people goesto google to find out the answer for their questions. Answer The Public is a freemium tools which helps you to find out keywords of your niche in format of questions or in simple, it helps you to find out what questions your potential audience types into Google.

5) Google Correlate

Google Correlate is a free tool from google which provides you the basic idea about the keywords that might get searched for together in the google. For example, if you type “Free SEO” in the google, Google Correlate tells you that people searching “Free SEO” also goes for “Free SEO Tools” and “Free SEO TOOls 2018”.

6) Google Trends

It is always wise decision to check google trends before working on the specifi keywords. Google Trends is another free tool from Google which can be used to figure out the keywords and their possible impacts.

7) Google Location Changer (SERPs)

This free tool help you the find out the keywords in specific location. For example, you can check the keyword ” Earn Online” In “London” though you are not based in london.

Well, this much for now. There are plenty of amazing tools out there. We will be updating our blog on SEO Tools regularly.



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Yup , for any blogger knowledge of SEO is a must.Nice article , I will be researching those tools shortly.


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